Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Onsen Hime: Limited!

Now Available:                                     English              Japanese

The next generation in Onsen Hime Releases!

In the past we have released PDF files full of still pictures and Animated flash galleries. The Onsen Hime Limited series is the next generation combining both Picture Galleries and Animations into our new game style. Unlike Onsen Hime Video games, this series will have unreleased animations and pictures, and will feature a majority of the content already available to the user. It also features bonus content which can be unlocked through minor game play in a simple dungeon crawl game.

New Features:

Unlike Onsen Hime: SP and Onsen Hime: SR this release uses a simplified interface from the Action System. Upon clicking on any object, enemy or NPC a choice menu will appear with options that can be used on said enemy.

Also new to this release is an experimental 3-D graphics system we plan to use in future Onsen Hime Games as well as a slighty new system design. We hope to eventually update Onsen Hime: SR with the new system and features so all members of who have purchase Onsen Hime: SR will now be able to get a copy of the newer version of our release without having to repurchase.

Final Notes:

 Unlike Onsen Hime: SP and Onsen Hime: SR, the Onsen Hime Limited series WILL NOT be part of the Onsen Hime storyline, and will usually be portrayed as a separate world with the same rules governing it.

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