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Out of Battle Training:

In a world filled with Draiths, you can just go around picking any fight you want. Sometimes you need the strength to back it up. That's why we created the Out of Battle Training System - or the Training System for short. This allows you to increase your strength without having to level up, similar to Pokemon's Effort Values. For those not familiar with the Pokemon series - Effort Values are values earned by a combatant based on the effort they have to put in.
One example is when a Pokemon attacks a Pokemon with a high Defense value. Upon the enemy's defeat, a Pokemon will gain an effort value for defense which will increase the attacking Pokemon's Defense permanently. You can think of it similar to a boxer training only in attack to increase all over attack damage versus a boxer training in endurance. A boxer with higher endurance can take more hits, while a boxer with high damage can end a fight faster.

How it works:

Some enemies will match player party levels. This makes leveling a moot point. However you can earn Action Points outside of battle which in turn can earn you Stat Points.

Action Points are points earned for actions performed outside of battle. These points can go to one or more of the following categories depending on the actions performed:

  • HP (Hit Points)
  • DC (Direct Charge)
  • ATK (Attack)
  • DEF (Defense)
  • DynATK (Dynamis Attack)
  • DynDEF(Dynamis Defense)
  • AGI (Agility)
  • Resist (Resistance)
Each Action Category has a set limitation. Once you earn enough points for a particular Action Category you will be automatically given a Stat Point which you can apply to any character in your party. For example: If you earn 75 HP Action points you will be rewarded with 1 HP Stat Point. Stat Points can be found in the Stat Point Category of the Items Menu.

How to Earn Action Points:

You can virtually train anywhere in the Onsen Hime World, but for best results you should head over to the Cross Road's Inn Training Room. Many Inns cater to Draith Hunting Clientele by offering training rooms to increase their strength without running the risk of dying in battle. In the training room you can find many basic ways of training.

The Rope

Climbing Rope in the training room can increase HP/DC/DEF/DynDef Action Points all at once by training many parts of the body. A single up/down climb on the rope can easily earn you two action points for all of the aforementioned categories.

The Training Orb

The blue Orb in the upper left hand corner of the room is called the Training Orb. It is made of a compound of both jadarite and dynamis stone that allows it to both absorb physical attacks and dynamis attacks. By attacking the Training orb with your equipped weapon you will train ATK Action Points - This will eventually earn you an ATK Stat Point.

By attacking the same Training Orb using a Dyn skill under the Ability Menu, you can train your DynATK Action Points, allowing you to earn DynATK Stat Points.

The Simu Orb

The purple orb in the ring - Known as the Simu Orb, is the less preferred way of training for Action Points. The Simu Orb pits the player against level matching copies of themselves that have been geared to certain job types. This is usually used for training and learning skills that can't be learned through Skill cards. However, after each victory, the player will be randomly rewarded with Stat Points. No experience is gained from these Simulation Battles, and the player will not always be rewarded with Stat Points. The Player will not be rewarded with any Action Points from the match since no actions were performed out of battle.

Bonus Training Areas


When hunting, you can use a long range weapon such as a spear, gun, or bow in order to train a character's Agility Action Points. Likewise, using Dyn Skills to hunt will train a player's DynATK Action Points.

Many More......

Unfortunately, to name many of the other ways a player can train Action Points would take much time and effort. Each way is complex and can earn a player one or more Action Points in each category per action. As developers, we challenge players to find all the different ways.

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