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Original Characters
Series Characters

~Onsen Hime~

Parody Characters  The characters in this section are listed in alphabetical order by series.  It is divided into two sections - Parody Characters: Anime/Manga and Parody Characters: Video Games which is based upon the character's first appearance in any media. 
The color coding is as follows:

RED - This character's initial release is currently in development and pending release.
PURPLE - This character's initial pending development, or still in development. 
BLUE - This character has been released in at least one work and is currently available for viewing.

Note: There are special cases where a character's appearance fits neither category, in such a case, they will be grouped into the category they first appeared in.


  Parody Characters: Anime/Manga

Series Characters Parodied

 El Hazard: The Wanderers

  Fairy Tail

  • Lucy Heartfilia
  • Erza Scarlet
  • Mirajane Strauss
  • Juvia Lockser


  • Rushuna Tendo


  • Hinata Hyuuga
  • Ino Yamanaka
  • Sakura Haruno

One Piece

  • Aphelandra
  • Boa Hancock
  • Marguerite
  • Nami
  • Nico Robin
  • Shirahoshi
  • Tashigi


  Parody Characters: Video Games

Series Characters Parodied

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

  • Lulu
  • Rikku
  • Yuna

       King Of Fighters

Tales of Symphonia

  • Raine/Refill Sage
  • Sheena Fujibayashi

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