Wednesday, August 30, 2017


GOOD NEWS EVERONE!...but I'm already in my pajamas....

We've been hard at work on releases just for you! We've put our new development engine and equipment through it's paces while testing new ideas that we weren't able to do with our old engine and equipment. Thanks to that we have a new release called:

Faye ~ A Night with Lady Luck

Now available on dlsite. Click the corresponding links below to purchase the product:
DLsite English DLsite Japanese

In related news - we've also set up a new content site over at HentaiKey, so current HentaiKey members now have exclusive access to our online content, including an online version of our latest release: Faye ~ A Night with Lady Luck.

Visit us at:

At you can find exclusive Onsen Hime content as well as an online UNCENSORED version of our latest release: Faye ~ A Night with Lady Luck.

We hope to add online versions of our previously released DLsite games as well so that by purchasing a monthly membership at you also get access to all of our games...but that's in the future. For now, we're still working on the online versions. However, not only will you have access to our exclusive and uncensored content. With a hentaikey membership you also get access to many other very good hentaikey sites!

To find the online version of Faye ~ A Night with Lady Luck you must first sign in as a HentaiKey member. Then on the right side of the screen you will see a menu for different character galleries we've released online.  Choose the Faye Valentine Gallery to access the release.

We hope to see you there!

More issues[RESOLVED!]

Unfortunately, for some reason blogger doesn't like the links, so the links don't work for now, sorry everyone, I'll get everything up and running as soon as possible.

Hurray! The links have been fixed, I'll have a "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!" update for you in a bit!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Changes and Updates

For those of you who visit and poke around our blog, sorry if some of the images are broken or nonexistent. Unfortunately, - the thirdparty image hosting site we have used for more than 10 years has finally decided to change it's terms of agreement. This unfortunately makes many of our images unviewable. So please pardon us while we fix up and update this blog.

All links should still be active despite the images being broken. Leave any comments if you find any other issues with our site and we'll get to them as fast as we can.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Update status!

Sorry for not keeping those of you who watch our blog up to date. However, many things have happened to our group over the past few months that it's hard to completely summarize.

So, long story short - we decided the time has come to upgrade, so I took some time off from development to scrape some money together. From Aug 2016-Jan 2017. From Jan 2017-Now has been spent on everything from system upgrades, to game engine upgrades, and various other software upgrades to keep up to date and produce content more efficiently.

We only just finished the complete system upgrades, and I must say that I look forward to what this new system can do. That addition to learning the new upgraded software seems some more dependable tools that we've used in the past have become very obsolete....i.e. the company that makes it decided to stop developing it almost 4-6 years ago. They still offer the software for free, but it's full of glitches and crashes alot.

I've decided to move to a better and more powerful software, but unfortunately...there is a huge learning curve to it, and there is a chance we won't be able to use it as easily for a while since there is no formal way to learn the software outside of paying over $100 for an online course.

That won't stop us from developing though, and for those of you who have waited patiently for our releases...or are at the very least mildly interested in what we make and are curious about our next update, we thank all of you for your patience.

Some things to look forward to:

We will soon be launching a website where you can preview or try out betas of our upcoming games.
So if you're tired of waiting for finished releases, you can get your fix on our upcoming site.

We plan to have a release out soon...however soon can be anywhere from September to December depending on personal living funds and whether or not I need to get another part time job to scrape up some money for living expenses.

The sad news is - we spent a lot of time developing the item transfer system for Onsen Hime CPS so that players could transfer any earned gear into the next installation of our game...however...a change in engines during the development of the Onsen Hime: Outer Kingdoms Series has pretty much nixed that for now. We hope to create a better item transfer system then update the original CPS game with the new system. So those of you who haven't purchased the game on Dlsite as Dlsite Members....feel free to do so. We'll try to offer up another sale for those who missed the previous sale in April.

We've been looking for ways to post online versions of our game here on blogger, but so far, we're not having any success with that. The blogger system doesn't seem to allow it...for the moment, but we'll keep you posted on that. We would really like to have players test our games for free to improve our releases.

Well, that's it for now folks, we'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Onsen Hime: Civilian Protection Specialist NOW ON SALE!

Now Available:    
                                                             English              Japanese

 For the first time ever we are releasing the never before told adventure of our main character in a story that was NEVER going to be released!

Originally planned as a running joke for future sequels of Onsen Hime Secret Pleasures and Onsen Hime Secret Rendezvous, we now reveal the long overdue back story of our plain random guy in Onsen Hime Civilian Protection Specialist!

Join our antihero in job that started it all. Find allies, defeat your enemies, and use your tools and wits to earn that paycheck!

-Updated EXE System for easier user interface.
-New achievement system allows you to transfer items, modes, weapons and armors into future games.
-Return of the Mode System.
-Improved Stat Point System allows players to accumulate and build stat points outside of battle thus lessening the need for level grinding.
-New Game+: Don't like an ending? Didn't get certain items or unlock specific rewards? Use the New Game+ to restart the game and carry over all your old gear, experience levels, unlocked H-pics and animations into a new game to try your luck again.
-Use new outfit system to disguise yourself and sneak passed enemies or gain the trust of friends as well as customize in-game avatars.

Beware: To play this game, you'll really have to think to find a way out of situations.
-If you experience issues saving, please run in Windows Admin Mode.
-This game can run on Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
-This game might run on Windows 8.1, and 10. Please try demo to make sure it runs on your Operating System.

                                                             English              Japanese

Monday, January 18, 2016

New game and new updates!

I know it's a bit late, but Happy New Year folks! All right guys we're in the homestretch! Unfortunately, we had hoped for an end of the year release, but that didn't happen due to the complexity of some of new systems being tested for our new release. We hope you'll bear with us, because we hope to affect many changes to our brand in the coming months.

We've been saying it for a year now, but we do plan to get a game out. The reason it's taking so long is due to the complex amount of features that are going into the game, and long hours of testing that go into testing such a system.

For those of you who have been waiting patiently...or wandered here out of sheer boredom(I do that sometimes) I'll share a bit of a sneaky-peaky on what the latest game is all about.

Originally, the story for the next release was going to be about the continuing journeys of our 'unamed hero', (he has a name, but we want you to figure that part out)...however....with all the new features the next game will be adding, we thought it might be best to cut down development time a bit by using a story we had already written. So the next game will be a look into our hero's past prior to Onsen Hime: SP and Onsen Hime: SR's events. Originally, this was to be hinted at in future games, but because the story had already been written as a precursor to the first two games we figured we may as well release it as I - the idiot creator - had envisioned during my fits of midnight madness fueled by mindless cackling and binge watching while I roll around in my bed giggling excitedly to myself.

While that's happening, if you have any comments or suggestions on things you'd like to see, please post them in the comments section. For example - if there are specific character parodies you wish to see, or stories you want explored, or if you just like or dislike certain aspects of our releases then please drop us a comment, we'd love to hear from you. Whether we take your suggestion into consideration or not is a different issue altogether. XP

Friday, November 6, 2015

November Update

Hello, Privateer here.

Usually when I update the ole' blog it's a preview of the new game.

I assure you that development is going well and that we hope to have something ready in a few months.

Today I wanted to talk with you informally about the Onsen Hime world in which the games take place.

Those of you who have played our games have a general gist of what is going on, but for those who don't or don't really care(yes, we know what you REALLY want, that's why we make these games) I thought I'd go ahead and shed a bit more light on the game world.

For the most part, the story has been purposely left vague because I personally love mysteries, and when a creator leaves subtle clues that help their audience figure things out before the big reveal it makes it that much more gratifying. Nonetheless I will continue to explain the OH world sans spoilers.

The world is inhabited by creatures called Draiths. Draiths thrive on life energy just like you or me. Some of us eat plants or steak - so do Draiths. addition to being able to absorb energy directly from a living organism by touch. -cough-

Furthermore, Draiths come in phases. They usually start out in a spirit phase, and gradually solidify to a vampyre phase. The reason it's called a vampyre phase is because it needs to constantly feed in order to maintain a solid state. This may sometimes escalate to the Draith taking on an approximate form of the thing it feeds on. Yes..for those who are wondering - there is such thing as a vegetarian Draith, it looks like a tree, and for those paying attention to the first SR demo - It's named Demo.

This is one of the reasons we didn't go with traditional RPG conventions of naming all our enemies as "monsters". Another reason is that many humans and humanoid races as well as wild animals are also possible enemy characters within game.

Long ago, Draiths roamed the world nearly driving humans and several species into extinction. Their origins are unknown (to most except me) however, Draiths have been observed entering the world through otherworldly portals.

And that's all for now folks. Expect the next update to show more about our upcoming Onsen Hime game.

(Note to aspiring creators out there, Draith is our word that we made up, and it's extremely important to the plot, any other use of the word by someone else prior to us is complete coincidence because we really do have a meaning behind our words...also, as a habit, I make up words that don't usually exist - please don't steal it)