Friday, November 6, 2015

November Update

Hello, Privateer here.

Usually when I update the ole' blog it's a preview of the new game.

I assure you that development is going well and that we hope to have something ready in a few months.

Today I wanted to talk with you informally about the Onsen Hime world in which the games take place.

Those of you who have played our games have a general gist of what is going on, but for those who don't or don't really care(yes, we know what you REALLY want, that's why we make these games) I thought I'd go ahead and shed a bit more light on the game world.

For the most part, the story has been purposely left vague because I personally love mysteries, and when a creator leaves subtle clues that help their audience figure things out before the big reveal it makes it that much more gratifying. Nonetheless I will continue to explain the OH world sans spoilers.

The world is inhabited by creatures called Draiths. Draiths thrive on life energy just like you or me. Some of us eat plants or steak - so do Draiths. addition to being able to absorb energy directly from a living organism by touch. -cough-

Furthermore, Draiths come in phases. They usually start out in a spirit phase, and gradually solidify to a vampyre phase. The reason it's called a vampyre phase is because it needs to constantly feed in order to maintain a solid state. This may sometimes escalate to the Draith taking on an approximate form of the thing it feeds on. Yes..for those who are wondering - there is such thing as a vegetarian Draith, it looks like a tree, and for those paying attention to the first SR demo - It's named Demo.

This is one of the reasons we didn't go with traditional RPG conventions of naming all our enemies as "monsters". Another reason is that many humans and humanoid races as well as wild animals are also possible enemy characters within game.

Long ago, Draiths roamed the world nearly driving humans and several species into extinction. Their origins are unknown (to most except me) however, Draiths have been observed entering the world through otherworldly portals.

And that's all for now folks. Expect the next update to show more about our upcoming Onsen Hime game.

(Note to aspiring creators out there, Draith is our word that we made up, and it's extremely important to the plot, any other use of the word by someone else prior to us is complete coincidence because we really do have a meaning behind our words...also, as a habit, I make up words that don't usually exist - please don't steal it)

Friday, October 2, 2015

We're still here and here's what's going on!

We're a bit late into production but we have been working on a game with new never before seen features from our games.

Starting with our next release we hope to implement the following:

-Arms Items Transfer System(AIT)
-Mode Transfer System
-Improved Environmental Xross Event system(Exe Systems)
-Outfits system (Maybe?)
-New Game Plus System  

Arms Items Transfer System(AIT System)
Back in the days of Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons and Pokemon Gold/Silver came an item transfer system that many of us loved. This inspired us to create out own system, one that will have forwards and limited backwards compatibility for sharing hard earned weapons, armors and items for use across games. 

Mode Transfer System 
Modes in our series are similar to Classes of other RPGs, except that any character can obtain Modes in addition to their pre-appointed Modes. The Mode Transfer System allows forward and limited backwards compatibility between games, as well as Mode Ranks that can boost the effects of a Mode.

Environmental Xross Event system(Exe System)
An advanced and improved version of Onsen Hime SP's Action System, Exe enables players to use abilities on the environment, npcs and on map enemies while allowing characters to strengthen themselves outside of battle. 
Ex. Use fire on a tree burns a tree and awards a Datk stat point to use towards strengthening character stats.

Outfits system (Maybe?)
Allows you the change a character's look for cosmetic, or disguise purposes for infiltration. We're also thinking of having some outfits add stat boosts to the character.

New Game Plus System 
Although technically in the game since Onsen Hime SP, this feature was never utilized explicitly until now. For the uninitiated- New Game Plus allows you to finish a game then restart a new game while retaining your items, weapons, armors, and experience from the previous game. This is perfect when you want to replay a game to see an alternate ending or go back to unlock an achievement you missed. ( Courtesy of Yanfly)

Note: To transfer items, weapons, armors, ranks, and modes, both games must have the Passcode system.
Hopefully you look forward to these new features as much as we do. We expect a late winter or late spring release at worst.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Onsen Hime: Limited!

Now Available:                                     English              Japanese

The next generation in Onsen Hime Releases!

In the past we have released PDF files full of still pictures and Animated flash galleries. The Onsen Hime Limited series is the next generation combining both Picture Galleries and Animations into our new game style. Unlike Onsen Hime Video games, this series will have unreleased animations and pictures, and will feature a majority of the content already available to the user. It also features bonus content which can be unlocked through minor game play in a simple dungeon crawl game.

New Features:

Unlike Onsen Hime: SP and Onsen Hime: SR this release uses a simplified interface from the Action System. Upon clicking on any object, enemy or NPC a choice menu will appear with options that can be used on said enemy.

Also new to this release is an experimental 3-D graphics system we plan to use in future Onsen Hime Games as well as a slighty new system design. We hope to eventually update Onsen Hime: SR with the new system and features so all members of who have purchase Onsen Hime: SR will now be able to get a copy of the newer version of our release without having to repurchase.

Final Notes:

 Unlike Onsen Hime: SP and Onsen Hime: SR, the Onsen Hime Limited series WILL NOT be part of the Onsen Hime storyline, and will usually be portrayed as a separate world with the same rules governing it.