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Reason for forming our Group:

 The core reason I formed this group is because I love games, and ever since I was young and first touched a video game system - Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you who are curious - I've wanted to make and play video games. I loved games like Legend of Zelda that had a back story, but allowed you the freedom to explore and figure out puzzles. Growing up with all those stories, I would sometimes create new stories for mainstream characters(those of us who were too young to subscribe to star trek magazines couldn't really write fanfic despite doing it anyway). So after all these years, and many sleepless nights due to thoughts about creating stories I now make games and write stories because I have a story to tell, and I hope that many of you out there who are able to experience them enjoy them as much as I have taken the joy and love creating them.

Seriously folks, I have issues sleeping at night because the stories are bursting outta me like a massive story-diarrhea.


Common Questions:

Are both you and the group called Privateer? Why? Are you a narcissistic jerk?

A: Nope, in fact, I can't stand being with myself at times - he can be such a jerk. The reason why both the group and myself are called Privateer is because the parent group was founded offline in the real world amongst a group of friends and co-workers. The Privateer division was formed as a way to fund our deranged fantasies, but the parent group broke up, so I took Privateer division and built it into a newer, better group. Once we got online, I took the handle Privateer out of laziness and because it was the name I already used to deal with various license agreements and business contacts at the time.

Q: What are your favorite anime/video game series or movies?

A: Many, I can't list them all, there are too many each with it's own distinct flavor that I can't possibly hold one above the others. 

Q: Who are your inspirations?

A: Too many to list. But the main ones are my father and mother. My father is an extremely creative man, and my mother can be creative when she wants to be. In terms of inspirational people of great works- I'd say the same people that many others tend to look up to. 

In no actual order they are:- George Lucas, Steven Spielburg, Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoshi Tajiri, Eichiro Oda, Akira Toriyama, Hideaki Anno, Hajime Kanzaka, Kazuki Takahashi, Masashi Kishimoto, Hayao Miyazaki, Tite Kubo, Hiro Mashima and many more I can't remember currently-mostly because I'm typing this in the morning and I haven't eaten yet.

(Stupidly Long)History Warning: Read at your own risk.


Formed in late 2005 and originally known as 'The Triad', the group focused on conducting a wide scale paper RPG. Later realizing that additional skillsets were required, the group incorporated more members and reformed as 'The Seven Shadows'.

Not long after that, The Seven Shadows found a new objective and started heavy planning to accomplish it. Instead of conducting a wide scale old style RPG, they would instead create a living video game to be distributed on the internet.

Unfortunately the groups plans were too great and placed heavy burdens on core members. In addition, real life decided to step in causing several members to remove themselves from the group. This forced the group to reassemble new members to try and cover the skills of those lost members. However, new members came and went far too quickly, making development difficult.

The video game project, which suffered from various programming issues and lack of man-power, was left to languish. 2009 saw much difficulty and hardship as the The Seven Shadows struggled with losing more members and trying to recruit adequate replacements. The Seven Shadows, worn down by the lack of available manpower, finally informally dissolved by the end of 2009.

During that chaotic time, in a valiant (and moment of pure insanity) attempt to recoup financial losses from the project, the project manager/lead designer decided to start a division of The Seven Shadows group. Asking the Lead map designer to join him in this venture 'Privateer Circle' came into existence.

Using knowledge and tools gained from video game design, Privateer Circle began a new dream -- rendering famous anime characters into 3-D models in erotic displays, and publishing them for purchase on dlsite.com. This dream came to life on December 15, 2007, when the first e-book of the ~Onsen Hime~ Series was published.

The manager/lead designer of The Seven Shadows continued to manage Privateer Circle as a hobby, releasing Onsen Hime ~Mikan~ Vol. 2 on Jan. 11, 2009. Unfortunately, due to financial and technological difficulties as well as lack of time for the projects and the lead map designer leaving to join the military, many releases for Privateer Circle were left unfinished or unreleased. Multiple computer crashes resulted in the loss of many files and would-be releases for the period of 2009 - 2010, including the loss of the original project files for both Vol. 1 & 2 of the series.

By mid - 2010 life brought a kinder touch when a talented editor/tester/artist/composer joined Privateer Circle. Combined with the integration of new technologies, development of new techniques, and much research, allowed the group to make a come back. This saw the release of ~Onsen Hime~ August 2011 Issue.

The duo has successfully continued releasing works and have now innovated releases from e-book form to an animated gallery form starting with the release of ~Onsen Hime~ Animation Gallery Featuring Elizabeth Vonntain. With each successive release, Privateer Circle has increased their knowledge and skills in order to release a new brand of Hentai content to the online world.

Privateer Circle now commits itself to bringing a whole new experience to the anime erotica world through it's projects so that fans can appreciate their favorite characters in new and exotic ways.

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