Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's been 1 month!

It's been more than one month since our first game release, and we are excited that it was well enjoyed by many of you. Since our first video game release we've been hard at work for a sequel to the game. Due to the wonderful response we received from those of you who have enjoyed our first video game we've decided to give you a treat. For those of you who are members of we are adding a sneak peek to the Onsen Hime video game sequel by adding a few updated features and maps from the sequel into the Onsen Hime SP update! Look forward to it by the end of the year! For those of you who want to keep up to date with our games, become a member of!

Updates Includes (Tentative):

-Easier Interact Interface
-UI descriptions for user friendliness
-Bonus maps from Onsen Hime sequel for more exploring!
-New Real Time Team Battle system - Unique to Onsen Hime Secret Pleasures ONLY
  (won't be present in sequel games)
-New Mission system
-Introduction of ARC system(Originally slated for sequel)
-Minor Graphics Improvements