Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OH: SP Update!

We're a bit late in development, but it's finally here! The Onsen Hime: Secret Pleasures Update V1R6.

Onsen Hime: SP v.1R6 Changes
  • Improved User Interface for Menu Operations
  • Addition of ASWD movement control in addition to Arrow Key movement
  • Easy Access Tutorial System
  • Updated User Manual
  • Easily accessible Help Menu from main menu
  • Added New Mission System
  •  Improved User Interface for Girl Interaction System
    • New Animated H-Scene Access
    • New Gallery Pictures Access
  • Improvements to seasonal hunting
    • Hunting can be done anywhere on specific Forest Maps
    • Area on map can change hunting type
  • Addition of ARC System
    • New Action System
    • ARC System Side Menu
  • Removed
    • Lobby Menu
    • Girl Select Menu v.1.0
    • Hunting Bush Option
BONUS: As an added bonus, we've updated NPC/map graphics and new map previews from our upcoming sequel to Onsen Hime: Secret Pleasures .

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